How Will A Remodeler's Circle Benefit You?

Being a part of a one of Kyle’s Remodeler’s Circles will help you:
Make More Money / Increased Profits

  • Better systems to be more productive and save money/mistakes
  • Encouragement to raise your mark-up
  • Examples on how to be more efficient and drive down your COGS
  • Improved sales process to close more business
  • Solid marketing ideas to attract better leads
  • Closer attention to your annual budget, P&L statement, job costing, etc.
    • What gets measured, gets improved

Encouragement and Accountability

  • Running a remodeling business is hard – don’t attempt it on your own!
  • Be smart and surround yourself with smart people
  • We all need accountability
  • We all need to be fed with new and fresh ideas and approaches

Achieve Better Work / Life Balance

  • A lot of entrepreneurs stink at this
  • Seeing successful work/life balance examples is very helpful
  • Accountability is helpful
  • People asking about your life outside of work brings perspective
  • This is a big part of what I care about in my coaching with clients

Structured way to work on the business

  • We all know we need to work on not just in our business
  • This forces you to do that every month
  • Gives you clarity on goals and your business plan
  • Opportunity to come up for air – to get refreshed and inspired

Help with making the hard decisions

  • Firing an employee
  • Hiring for a new position
  • Encouragement and advice on raising your mark-up or changing the structure of an area of your business
  • So often we put those decisions off – Remodelers Circle members take action because they have better perspective, clarity, and accountability because of the group

Professional Coaching & Effective Marketing

  • “Hey coach, I have a question” – quick email/text/phone call
  • “Hey coach, I need help…”
  • “Yes, looks good – send it out!”
  • “Yes looks good – post them!”
  • “Yes, we can help you with that. Let’s set-up a time to meet.”
  • I only work with remodelers. I’ve gone very deep into a very narrow niche
  • I have the perspective and experience of working closely and coaching 100+ remodelers over the last decade
  • I have a true passion for helping you make more money, but more then that – achieve a solid work/life balance and proud of the business you’ve built

Feel more organized and in control of your business

  • Confidence is such a huge factor in business success
  • Feeling in control of things on the business front helps with things on the home front
  • As business owners, we need help to stay motivated, organized, thinking of the big picture, and moving forward

You have a trusted group of colleagues / friends you can count on

  • Like anything, you get out of it what you put in it
  • It takes work to develop relationships with your fellow Circle members, but…
  • You’ll call them for help or perspective
  • You’ll visit them when you’re in their town on a trip
  • You’ll receive a call from one of them with a word of encouragement because they saw that you were down in the dumps
  • They will make you laugh when they text a remodeling or client story to the group that you can relate to
  • You have a coach who cares about you, your business, and your life outside of business
  • All of this is unique and special. 90% of remodelers go through their careers and never invest their time, money, and energy into something like this. They go it alone.
  • The ones that do – don’t regret it.
  • More often they say, “I wish I would have done this years ago.”



Here’s what some of Kyle’s clients have said about their experience with him:

Josh Nelson
Before working with Kyle – business was so hard. I was making tiny, incremental improvements. Working with him is like having a bulldozer behind me! Pushing me to improve, move, grow, and get better. Working with Kyle has made my life so much easier.
Josh NelsonNelson Builders
We met Kyle at the right time and have seen improved sales results by implementing his recommended changes to our sales process. The first year we implemented the changes we grew revenue 30%, year two we are on track for 40% growth.
Barb BakerTransitions Remodeling
I have enjoyed the pleasure of working with Kyle Hunt now for about 3 months. Each day I continue to be more and more impressed with his abilities. I knew he was sharp from day one but he has by far exceeded my expectations.
Bob BurnsideFireside Home Construction
Kyle has always and in all ways exceeded our expectations. He has not only helped us implement proven marketing and sales processes in our business, but has tailored the systems to the exact needs of our company.
Bret OleskynOdd Fellows Contracting


Remodelers Circle – What’s Included:


  • A mastermind and accountability group of 8-10 similar sized, non-compete remodelers
  • Monthly 90-minute Video Conference Call (I will push you to show up every time and aim to have everyone using Video conference via a program called Zoom for maximum effectiveness)
  • You’ll have a little prep to do each month with our ‘Monthly Update Form’ – I’ll ask you to submit it 4 days before our meeting. This will allow you to submit topics for the mastermind meeting you’d like to discuss, give an update on your key Goal/Action Step from our last meeting, and share other key items with the group
  • I’ll except you to actively participate! To reach out to your group members in between calls to develop relationships. We’ll communicate via email and/or group text and/or a private Facebook group to help push and encourage each other
  • Need a template/tool/resource/process? As a member, you’ll have access to all of the templates/tools/resources/processes that Kyle has developed for his clients – as well as have a group of peers who will happily share with you
  • You will leave each video conference call with fresh ideas, encouragement, and an important key Goal/Action Step that you are going to get done and implement before our next meeting (be prepared to catch a little grief from me and the group if you don’t get it done! This will be the power of accountability at work.)

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