What Is Remodelers Circle?

There are eight business owners in the room. You are one of them.

These other business owners run successful remodeling and/or new home construction businesses, very similar to yours, in non-compete areas across Michigan.

They are from Traverse City, Midland, Mount Pleasant, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and West Bloomfield.

You have gotten to know your fellow group members quite well over the last year. You meet in-person for a full-day mastermind meeting three times a year – that is professionally facilitated and organized by Kyle Hunt.

You get on the phone as a group once a month to check on progress and discuss new issues or topics.

You regularly reach out to Kyle or your other members with questions or help and they get right back to you.

The best part is… Everyone in your group is there because they want to improve their business and are ready and willing to freely share information. Your group discusses:

  • Sales Process. Best practices for turning more leads into paying projects.
  • Production. Strategies/forms/processes/templates on how to be more productive and efficient.
  • Financials. Everyone opens their books to confidentially discuss/share/compare financial information, P&L’s, Margins, Owner Salary, and more.
  • Marketing. Everything from referral programs, websites, advertising, developing strategic partners, to staying-in-touch with previous clients.
  • Human Resources. When/how to best hire new staff, strategies for managing and motivating your team, and other HR related topics.
  • Accountability. You get to know your group and they get to know you. The Circle is set-up to hold everyone accountable to making consistent improvements to their business.

Every meeting you leave with new ideas, resources, templates, and tools. These meetings give you the opportunity to finally work on your business instead of in your business.

You don’t have to get on a plane and fly somewhere – you simply hop in your car and drive to a location within the state every four months.

At the end of each mastermind day you have your marching orders of 2-3 things you are going to work on over the next four months to improve your business.

Friendships happen. Noticeable improvements to your business and profits happen. And it’s affordable.


The story I just shared with you above is what Remodelers Circle is all about.

As a Remodelers Circle member you’ll receive:

  • Mutual support. Your fellow members are ‘fighting the same battles’ as you are. Some have already worked through problems/challenges you are going through now. Each meeting is facilitated by Kyle to keep it focused and to deliver the most value to each member.
  • Differing perspectives.  Hearing the different views of your fellow mastermind participants will allow you to see issues you wouldn’t otherwise become aware of. Over time, your group starts to serve as your businesses ‘board of directors.’
  • Resources. Everyone in your group will have access to a different skillset and network of people. You’ll find that when you ask for help in your group, the resources that are shared will help you make progress in ways you never could by yourself and in much less time.
  • Accountability.  Your fellow group members and Kyle will hold you accountable to the goals you set. In addition, just knowing that you have regularly scheduled meetings will drive you to make progress, because you don’t want to be the only person reporting back that you haven’t made an effort to move your goals forward.

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